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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Policies and procedures

You can download all of our Trust policies and procedures.  

Reference numberTitle
SH CP 71Ionising Radiations (safe use of) Policy
SH CP 32Isolation for In-patient Areas (Source & Protective) Procedure
SH HR 34Job Evaluation Policy and Procedure
SH CP 106Joint Working Protocol: Safeguarding Children and Young People Whose Parents/Carers have problems with Mental Health/Substance Misuse
SH CP 171Learning Disabilities Services CPA Standard Operating Procedure
SH CP 108Leg Ulcer Policy
SH NCP 64Lockdown Policy
SH HS 08Locked Door Policy
SH NCP 89Lone Working Policy
SH NCP 24Lone Working Procedure