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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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The Case for change at Southern Health

June, 2018

As a Trust we are constantly working to improve and transform our services to provide better care to people using our services, their carers and families.

We have made many improvements over the past few years, but there's always more for us to do. So, we have looked at the evidence and listened to a range of views to write our case for change. This is a frank assessment of the remaining areas that we need to improve. The case for change is the foundation from which all our efforts to make the trust better are being built.

The case for change will not make easy reading for some. But we feel it is important to make an honest appraisal of our current challenges so we plan ahead to tackle them effectively.

Despite the challenges, we have a very powerful asset: our 6,000 staff, who work extremely hard and compassionately to make a difference to the people they support. By overcoming the challenges set out in the case for change, we will further enable our staff to deliver the best possible care.