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Our Executive Director has been named as Stonewall's Senior Champion of the Year

21 February 2020

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Executive Director of Workforce, Organisational Development and Communications, Paul Draycott, was named as Stonewall's Senior Championof the Year for the South East of England at award evening last week.

Paul pictured below at Southampton Pride 2018.

Paul Draycott - Exec Director at SHFT.JPG

This award looks recognise organisations and individuals that play a huge role in improving the lives of LGBT+ people. Southern Health are proud Champions of Stonewall and work in partnership with them to progress LGBT+ an inclusive workplace for staff and patients. The Trust’s work includes supporting Southampton Pride for the past two years and introducing regular equality and diversity sessions.

Paul Draycott commented “It was very humbling and such an honour to receive an award about something I am so passionate about. Equality, Diversity and inclusion are absolute priorities for us as an organisation and I am so pleased that the work we have been doing has been recognised by Stonewall.”

Stonewall’s Executive Director of Workplace & Community Programmes, Sanjay Sood-Smith, said: ‘We still don't live in a world where everyone is able to be themselves in the workplace, as we know more than a third of LGBT+ staff (35 per cent) hide who they are at work. By taking steps to make their workplaces supportive and welcoming of all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, these organisations are bringing us closer to a world where everyone is accepted without exception.”

Part of Southern Health’s work to improve the workplace for LGBT+ people also involved appointing a Diversity Inclusion Lead, Sarb Birk, who also nominated Paul for the award. She added “Paul shows his passion for equality in all he does and has made diversity and inclusion a priority for the organisation. He leads by example and actively demonstrates his support for everyone. It’s with his support that we can continue to break down barriers and ensure our LGBT+ workforce feel welcome and valued every single day.”

More information about the Trust’s work on equality and diversity can be found at:

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