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SHJ: Every Life Matters

10 September 2019

Summer is almost finished for another year and the days are getting shorter, so what better way to lift your spirits than to bring you the 2nd edition of the SHJ!

For this edition, we’ve focused on mental health and young people, highlighting the Trust’s suicide prevention campaign ‘every life matters’.  

Click the front cover to read our online version!

Front cover for Amm.JPG

 Lara tells the SHJ team about her powerful story of how she tried to take her own life but is now on the path towards hope and recovery. (Page 9)

Daniel Winter-Bates, one of our ops managers and verified front man of rock band ‘Bury Tomorrow’, tackles the topic of young people and social media. (Page 4)

We also pin down exciting young fashion designer George David (Page 6) and ‘Unloc’ some of Kellie G’s secrets! (Page 17)

September can be a difficult time for young people returning to school or college. Health visitor Monica lets us know how the team are making a difference via text. (Page 14)

Have you taken a break yet? Take some time put your feet up and have a go at our puzzle page!

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