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Turn small change into big change

14 February 2020
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Brighterway are pleased to announce that we have signed up to the ‘pennies from heaven’ scheme. The scheme enables staff to make donations to the charity every month from their salary without lifting a finger. Setting it up can take under a minute, but the results could make a world of difference.

The scheme works by taking just the pennies from your monthly pay and donating them to the charity. For example, if you earned £850.34 last month the charity would collect the 34p. The most you can ever give is 99p every time you are paid – equalling only £11.88 a year!

Ian Hynd, Head of Brighterway Charity, was the first to sign up to the scheme. He says ‘I couldn’t believe how easy it was to sign up, it took me less than a minute and I’m no computer expert! It’s rewarding knowing that the pennies from my pay will make a difference. I’m hoping staff can take 30 seconds out of their day to do the same’

It’s quick and easy to do, just make sure you select Southern Health and have your assignment number to hand.

Please sign up here.

If you have any questions, please phone the charity on 023 8087 4698.

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