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Local Mother & Baby Unit to feature in new BBC Louis Theroux Documentary

7 May 2019 

Southern Health is excited to announce its involvement in a brand new Louis Theroux documentary, set to air on BBC2 this Sunday 12 May at 9pm.

Southern Health staff at Melbury Lodge

Called 'Mothers on the Edge', it is about post-partum mental health including post-partum psychosis, and the local NHS Trust’s Mother and Baby Unit in Winchester (based at Melbury Lodge) is proud to have been filmed as part of the programme, raising awareness about the important topic in order to educate and tackle stigma.

In the documentary, Louis follows four courageous mothers, their babies and their families as they battle a variety of mental health issues, both as inpatients and at home. The Winchester unit is one of two hospitals featured in the programme, along with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Southern Health’s Mother and Baby Unit provides round-the-clock support for mothers experiencing post-partum psychosis. With a commitment to keeping mothers and their babies together, as well as intensive treatment and medication, the majority of mothers are able to return home within six weeks.

Louis Theroux commented: “I enjoyed being on the units. I found them to be very human, warm places. There have been cuts in funding across the board in the NHS, but these units are one area where authorities have maybe had a sense that they need funding.

"This means you’re in a place where vulnerable people are being well taken care of and they’re exactly where they should be to get professional help, and they’re being supported to the point where they can go back in the world more equipped and in a better frame of mind.”

Whilst many expectant mothers and their families have never heard of postpartum psychosis it affects around one in every 500 women who give birth. The condition can trigger a range of symptoms, from extreme low and high moods to dangerous paranoia and delusions.

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