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NHS Big Tea 2019

5 June 2019

Raise a cuppa with Brighterway!

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As part of the continuing  celebrations for NHS’ birthday on 5 July, people up and down the country are getting together to raise a cuppa to our beloved NHS and raise funds for NHS charities.

The NHS Big Tea is a chance  to celebrate whilst raising some money for one of over 250 NHS Charities- Our own Brighterway being one of them!

We are encouraging staff and the public across Hampshire to celebrate and say thank you by organising your own tea party in recognition of Brighterway and all the fabulous work they do.

NHS charities give over £1 million every day for the NHS so that people can stay well for longer and get better faster.      

So come on, let's raise a cuppa!

What happens with my donations?

 Your donations will go to Brighterway charity to help fund projects; improvements and initiatives brought forward for our service users and staff volunteers.

For more information, please visit the Brighterway website. 

How do I host my own tea party?               


  •  Find a venue and agree a date (between Monday 24 June - Sunday 7 July 2019)
  • Register your interest to run a tea party by sending an email to Angeline Jackson by Friday 24 June 2019.
  • Download and print the bunting,  A4 poster invites and/or A3 poster invites.
  • Display your posters
  • Sent out invites!
  • Source helpers, arrange supply of cakes, tea and coffee.  


  •  Host the tea party (ensure bunting is put up!)
  • Remind guests why they are there and how they can support Brighterway Charity
  • Take photos of the event

  Raise money via:


  • As soon as you have collected your money, let us know the total (contact head of Brighterway, no later than Monday 15 July 2019)
  • Share your photos and stories with our Communications Team
  • Print and fill out your ‘thank you’ certificates to display
Download the posters and bunting! 

A3 invite poster

A4 invite poster


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