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Meet Becca Perrin

Meet Becca Perrin, Public Health Registrar, currently on the Postgraduate Medical Specialty Training for Public Health to become a public health consultant, who is joining the Quality Improvement Team for one year.  
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Becca is joining our team as part of her training which involves different placements across the sector to get the breadth of public health experience. 

Becca is a nurse by background and spent a number of years in sexual health services both at Southern Health and then Solent NHS Trust, when the service moved.    

She loves public health and is passionate about improving health and reducing inequalities at a population level.  But being from a provider background I have missed the ‘doing’ so I am really looking forward to getting involved in healthcare more directly, and understanding how public health principles can be applied in this context. 

Welcome Becca – we look forward to working with you.

You can follow Becca on twitter @RebeccaPerrin3

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