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How can we use coaching as a daily style for staff development?

Sara Courtney, our Deputy Director of Nursing, took part in a podcast discussion on coaching with Nicoline Vackerberg, Qulturum during the Microsystems festival – a quality improvement conference in Sweden. 

Sara Courtney
Sara Courtney

She talked about how we could use coaching in our daily work, to take time to reflect on the work and reinforce positive interactions and behaviours.  It could be a simple as asking “what went well and what could we improve on”, and using a style of questioning which seeks to understand the experience and learn the positive – focusing on learning from positive affirmation of experiences. 

She ends the session by recommending we “Try it – I really believe the development of other people will lead to improvements in care; I think we all could do more every day to involve our patients and service users in helping us grow and helping us do the right thing and that will be better for us and better for them”

Listen to the full podcast here:


Download notes from the podcast - please note this is not a transcript. 

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