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Heroic nurse’s off-duty action saves the life of gentleman

Heroic nurse’s off-duty action saves the life of gentleman

The swift action of Sandra Weston made the difference between life and death when John Forder collapsed at the wheel in Southampton after a Saints game on 9 February.
Sandra, nurse from Southern Health, was in the car behind when she noticed something was wrong. She approached the car to find John in cardiac arrest. Sandra acted quickly to perform CPR on him, continuing until a paramedic arrived on the scene and continued until John was able to be transferred to hospital.
At the same time, Sandra supported and calmed John’s grandson.
Following an appeal by John’s wife on local radio to identify who saved her husband’s life, Sandra’s family got in touch and gave them her contact details where she was later interviewed on BBC Radio Solent and John’s wife had the opportunity to say an emotional thank you live on air.

After the radio interview, Sandra met with John and his wife where they expressed their thanks further. John said “On a Saturday afternoon, we greeted Sandra with flowers and a cup of tea. We all sat down and got to know each other a bit better.”

John and his wife spoke with Sandra for an hour and a half and found they have lots in common, having all worked for the public sector. John was a police officer, retiring in 1999 and his wife was a nurse.

Sandra said “I had mixed feelings visiting Jon and his wife as it brought it all back for me. I wasn’t even supposed to be at the match, but I am glad I was there and could help.”

John added “Thank you doesn’t cover it. I am so grateful for what Sandra did because without her I probably would not be here today.”

John has now recovered and emergency service colleagues have said that without Sandra’s intervention the outcome would have been very different. Following their meeting, Sandra said “It was great to see John in good health and I am just glad he was ok.”

Despite this event, John hasn’t been put off and is looking forward to returning to watch Saints play more this season having been a Saints fan for more than 20 years.

A huge congratulations and thanks to Sandra for putting her skills into practice and acting so decisively to save John’s life.

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