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Heatwave - how to cope in hot weather

July 2019
Although most of us welcome the summer sun, high temperatures can be harmful to your health. The heat can affect anyone, but some people run a greater risk of serious harm.
This page provides you with information and tools to support you in keeping yourself safe during hot weather.
Keeping patients safe in all weathers
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The heat can affect anyone, but some people are at greater risk of serious harm including:
  • older people, especially those over 75

  • babies and young children

  • people with a serious chronic condition

  • people with serious mental health problems

  • people on medication that affect sweating and temperature control

  • homeless people.

What can I do?

  • stay out of the heat

  • cool yourself down

  • keep your environment cool or find somewhere else that is cool

  • look out for neighbours, family or friends who may be isolated and unable to care for themselves

  • get medical advice if you are suffering from a chronic medical condition

  • walk in the shade, apply sunscreen, and wear a hat and light clothing

  • drink plenty of fluids

  • avoid extreme physical exertion. If you can’t avoid strenuous outdoor activity, such as sport, DIY or gardening, keep it for cooler parts of the day – for example, in the early morning or evening


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