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Get a Jab, Gift a Jab...

28 November 2019

As part our flu campaign this year, the Trust will be taking part in UNICEF’s vaccination campaign Get a Jab, Give a Jab.

Get a Jab, Give a Jab is an initiative, created by staff in the NHS and other health organisations to encourage staff to take up a free flu vaccine. In turn, NHS trusts are making a donation to UNICEF UK for the equivalent number of vaccines that staff have to give to children around the world.

Immunisation rates across the globe are down and diseases that we vaccinate against have increased. UNICEF reach half the world’s children with life-saving vaccines, but still every day 7,000 children under five die, mostly from preventable causes. 

Through the ‘Get a Jab, Give a Jab’ scheme, colleagues can protect themselves, their families and our patients from the flu, whilst helping to protect children in low and middle-income countries across the world from diseases like measles.

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For more information about where you can get your flu jab, please visit our intranet page.

If you’re concerned about having the flu vaccine, please watch our myth busting video with Jacky Hunt, who shares some essential information about what to expect from having the flu jab.

What if I have already had my vaccine within the Trust?
If you are a staff member and you have already had your flu vaccine, you have already gifted a vaccination to a child who needs it.

What if I have had my vaccine outside the Trust?
If you are a staff member and you have had your vaccine outside the Trust, thank you. You will still gift a vaccination as long as you register you’ve had the flu jab via this form.

Christmas is a time of giving and you could have a real impact just by having your flu jab. It’s free, has an excellent safety record and will help to reduce the spread of flu to your families, colleagues and patients.

Gift a vaccine this Christmas by having yours. #Flumatters
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