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Discharge from hospital

24 March 2020
Being discharged from hospital: what you need to know

Over the coming weeks the NHS needs to make sure it is able to support all those who will need hospital treatment as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). To do this we need to organise the safe discharge of people who are well enough to leave hospital

A staff member will discuss the discharge process and transport arrangements with them directly, or with a family member, friend or carer. Patients will either be discharged to their own home or to another place of care (such as a care home).

If they require care and support when they get home, this will be arranged. Any care provided will be free of charge for a period of time to support their recovery. After this time they may be required to contribute to the cost of care.

Please be aware that patients will not be offered a choice of where they will be discharged to and they will not be able to remain in hospital if they choose not to accept the care that is offered following discharge. Our focus needs to be on freeing up as many hospital beds as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that patients are discharged safely and to the most appropriate place. We ask for your understanding and support as we do this.

Further Information

  • A leaflet can be downloaded here
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