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Depth of Me - A photography project

9 January 2020

Based on the international ‘Photovoices’ programme, Depth of Me is a project involving patients, carers and Southern Health staff.

The aim of the project is to provide a platform for our patients and carers to share the impact of using our services through photography.

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Can I take part?

We have now filled all places for both participants and supporting staff. However, if you have an interest in the project, please let us know so we can keep you updated.

What does the project involve?

Depth of Me involves various workshops including a meet and greet with the project team and other staff involved, a photography masterclass and tips on writing, a ‘show and tell’ as well as an exhibition in art galleries across Hampshire.

Staff involved will work alongside patients and carers, supporting them to develop creative ideas of how to share their story through photography. A professional photographer will work with participants in a masterclass, giving them the skills to be able to create powerful photos that demonstrate their unique journey through Southern Health services.

Who’s involved?

The project is being led by the Patient and Public Engagement Team and the Communications Team in partnership with Hampshire Cultural Trust, however this project would not be possible without the support and involvement from staff members across Southern Health.

Participants of the project will be people who are using or have recently used our services and their carers. We are looking to have 10-15 participants for this project.


When is this happening?

Depth of Me kicked off at our staff meet and greet on Friday 8 November giving those who wish to get involved a chance to get to know each other. This was followed by a coffee morning with all of those involved (staff and participants). The next part is to hold 3 separate workshops, each with a different agenda and purpose.


What happens after the project?

We plan to continue to share the amazing photography work and the stories behind them across our main sites after the main exhibitions ends in November 2020.

Once the project ends, we plan to assess how it went and hearing from the patients and carers involved about what they would like to do next. They will lead the way…

Important dates:    


Work shop 1 | Lets zoom in!

Summary: This session is all about getting to know each other more, collaboration of ideas and ice breakers.

Date: Friday 17 January 2020

Time: 1pm-4pm

Address: Ashcroft Art Centre, Fareham


Work shop 2 | How to use photography and develop your story

Summary: This session will include a masterclass with a professional photographer as well as writing tips, with lots opportunities to learn and share.

Date: Friday 31 January 2020

Time: 1pm-4pm

Address: Ashcroft Art Centre, Fareham


Work shop 3 | You and your story

Summary: This session is all about sharing what you have created so far, giving feedback and celebrating each other’s work.

Date: Friday 14 February 2020

Time: 1pm-4pm 

Address: Ashcroft Art Centre, Fareham     

*Valentine’s Day special activity – say something you like about someone or their art on the project!


Depth of me | The launch party!

Summary: The launch will be a celebration of all the incredible work and the journeys they represent as they come together at an art exhibition.

Date: Monday 4 May 2020

Time: 12pm (TBC) 

Address: The Forest Art Centre, Old Milton Road, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6DS

*We will arrange transport for participants and staff if needed


Meet the team

Paula Hull – Executive Sponsor

Niamh Dalziel – Project Lead and passionate about empowering patients and carers

Jess Reading – Communications Lead and understands how photos can sometimes say more than words

Tom Westbury – Project support and knows a thing or two about a camera and engaging with those who use our services

Deborah Neubauer – Head of Social Impact at Hampshire Cultural Trust

Xavier Fiddes – Photographer with experience in working with lesser-heard communities

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