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Consultation on our new Dementia Strategy

20 May 2019

Southern Health are delighted to launch a two week consultation on our new Dementia Strategy and we are encouraging the public to download and read the strategy and share your views! 

Our mission is to make sure the care for those living with dementia in Hampshire is outstanding. To help us achieve this we worked closely with colleagues, patients, families and carers, our NHS and Hampshire County Council  commissioners and key charities and other organisations  specialising in dementia care to  develop a dementia strategy based on national guidance and research. 

Within the strategy there are four main priorities:

  • An equitable and responsive dementia pathway that fosters partnerships with other providers and champions community-based and individualised care
  • The development of dementia-friendly environments that respond to people's needs
  • Provision of effective dementia training & development for all staff and creation of dementia champions
  • To allow service users, carers, and their families to tailor the care they receive and support world-leading research.

Please  share your views please share your views or send any question to Robert Ham, Business Manager OPMH via email.

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