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Medicines Management team

Medicines Management 

The team work with and advise many members of the clinical healthcare team on wards and in the community such as doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals & managers. This ensures prescribing decisions are made in a timely and efficient manner so that each patient receives medication which best suits them. The team often monitor the effects of each medicine and counsel patients on their use so that they gain the most benefit from them.

Medicines Information:

To help you make informed decisions about medicines, the Choice and Medication website includes information about medicines that are used in the treatment of mental health problems. This includes information about side effects and comparison of medicines used for various conditions.  The NHS A-Z website provides information about common medicines used within the NHS and may also be useful.  Your community pharmacist is also an expert on medicines and can help answer questions you may have about your regular medication.

Queries about Medicines:

If you have any questions about your medicines, please discuss them with the pharmacists who supplied them to you. If you are a patient under our care, you should initially contact your healthcare professional, care coordinator or key worker who will be able to help you and can put you in contact with a clinical pharmacist if needed.

Useful links 

Choice and Medication website

NHS A-Z of Medicines 

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Telephone (for urgent queries): 023 8087 4023


Questions, comments or complaints about the pharmacy service or concerns about controlled drug usage:

Raj Shergill - Chief Pharmacist & Controlled Drugs Accountable officer

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