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Equality Delivery System (EDS2)

Equality and Diversity


March 2018


Equality Delivery System (EDS2)


Ricky Somal. Head of Engagement and Wellbeing

Sponsoring Director

Paul Draycott. Director of Workforce and Organisational Development and Communications





The Trust adopted the NHS England - Equality Delivery System (EDS2) as its over-arching strategy and utilised the 4 key EDS2 objectives as the organisation’s equality objectives. The reason for this was to ensure complete clarity and build confidence with the EDS2 across the organisation.

In 2014, the Trust launched an Equality Standard to transform the delivery of equality, diversity and human rights across the organisation. The Equality Standard was designed to respond positively to the legal, regulatory and commissioner requirements for equality and diversity.

The Equality Standard was based on a 5 point model to strengthen the reporting and governance of equality and diversity (including EDS2). This included the launch of (i) Equality Impact Group (EIG) with leads nominated across clinical divisions; (ii) Equality Standard toolkit – a self-assessment toolkit where evidence submitted is assess against a bronze, silver or gold award; (iii) VOX POP diversity champions network; (iv) Diversity Moments training materials; (v) Workforce Diversity Scorecard.

Since the launch of the Equality Standard, the trust has been recognised nationally and internationally for this methodology and a number of innovative tools/resources have been developed to embed a culture of continuous quality improvement in the equality plan.

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