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Equality and Diversity Reports

Equality and Diversity


March 2018


Equality and Diversity Reports


Ricky Somal. Head of Engagement and Wellbeing

Sponsoring Director

Paul Draycott. Director of Workforce and Organisational Development and Communications


The NHS Constitution is very clear: “everyone counts” be they patients or staff. This means the NHS needs to consider the outcomes that different people experience: taking different or extra steps to improve access and design services so that their health outcomes and experience are equitable.

Equality and Diversity must be seen in all sectors of the Trust as an opportunity for creativity and innovation, this will require ongoing efforts to ensure clear and consistent messages are communicated and expert advice and support afforded at all levels across the Trust.

We have set out our strategy and plans for how we intend to achieve our equality standard and respond positively to our legal, regulatory and commissioner requirements for equality and diversity.

We have strengthened our governance and reporting arrangements to equality and diversity since the launch of our equality standard.

Please find below a list of our equality and diversity reports and key documents

If you require any of the documents in an alternative format then please email: or 02380 874 000.

Supporting Documents


Equality Reports:

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