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EDS2 Summary Reports

Equality and Diversity


March 2018


Equality Delivery System (EDS2)


Ricky Somal. Head of Engagement and Wellbeing

Sponsoring Director

Paul Draycott. Director of Workforce and Organisational Development and Communications


In regard to EDS2 Grading, an internal process was designed for the completion of the Equality Standard toolkits. The Trust has completed an EDS2 report at a corporate level and across each clinical division. The EDS2 has also been disseminated at service line level which is evidenced across our specialised mental health services. An internal grading assessment was completed by the Trust Equality and Diversity Lead, assessing Equality Standard Evidence at a bronze, silver or gold award.

As we approach the final year of the Equality Standard - Workforce, Patient and Stakeholder EDS2 Grading Panels will be piloted (April 2018-September 2018) with a full formal launch (September 2018-March 2019).

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EDS2 Summary Reports

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