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What do Governors do?

The overriding role of the Council of Governors is to hold the Non-Executive Directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the Board of Directors and to represent the interests of NHS Foundation Trust Members and of the public.  

Our Council of Governors is an essential link between our membership and Board to help ensure everyone’s views are heard. They help to shape the services we provide and reflect the needs and priorities of our patients, staff and local communities.

They bring valuable perspectives and contributions to Trust activities, ensuring that our services work well for patients, carers, staff, and the general public.

The specific statutory power and duties of the Council of Governors are to:

  • To represent the interests of members and the public
  • To hold the Non-Executive Directors, individually and collectively to account for the performance of the Board
  • To appoint and, if appropriate, remove the Chair or other Non-Executive Directors
  • To approve (or not) any new appointment of the Chief Executive
  • To appoint and, if appropriate, remove the Trust’s Auditors
  • To decide the remuneration and allowances and other terms and conditions of office of the Chair and the other Non-Executive Directors  
  • To receive the Trust’s annual report and accounts and any other reports from the auditors. 

Their work ensures that the needs of the patients, local population, and staff are fully considered in decisions made about the Trust.

They meet as the Council of Governors at least four times a year to discuss the business of the Trust, helping shape its strategic plans and developments. The meetings are open to the public, so you are welcome to come along, meet the Governors and find out more about the Trust. Our Governors also regularly attend events across our sites, and you should always feel welcome to approach one of them with any questions, ideas or concerns.

Governors do not get paid, but are reimbursed expenses.

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For more information on what the role of a Governor involves and what support is offered, please download a brief guide on the role of NHS Foundation Trust Governors, email or call 023 8087 4210.

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