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Margaret Martins

I have worked for Southern Health since 2011 and have seen the changes in the Trust and lived through the challenges we have faced over these years.   Working in the Learning Disability Directorate has been inspiring and I love each day I support people to live better lives but we still have work to do to ensure that our service, and all services, continue to improve.

I recognised that there was no representation on the Council of Governors for learning disabilities. I wanted the voices of learning disabilities staff and service users to be heard, so they can help drive changes within the Trust.

I’d like for the visions we have for staff engagement and wellbeing across the Trust to become a reality, which will improve outcomes for patients. I feel that the Council of Governors has become a much stronger voice and I’d like to see this continue. For every discussion about change we should always be asking ‘what does it mean for our patients’ and ensuring they are able to feedback into our Trust.

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