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Louise Vinell

I am a qualified Occupational Therapist with 25 years of experience manging both inpatients and community teams within Adult Mental Health. I am currently based at Petersfield Hospital managing a Community Mental Health Team and a Community Rehabilitation Team. Through the years I have supported many staff when they have faced difficulties in their lives from developing long term health problems, experiencing bereavement, having financial problems and or being a carer.  I understand the stress staff can be under before they even come into work. I also understand the concerns and frustrations raised by our service users and carers about the care and support they have received from the Trust.  All teams across the organisation need to be encouraged to use the triangle of care to work collaboratively between the service user the professional and the carer which then promotes safety, supports recovery and sustains well-being.
I wanted to have the opportunity to become a Staff Governor because I feel more could be done to support staff both in and out of work. The personal skills I can bring to the post are; positivity in the face of diversity, following issues through to volition and having the confidence to question the status quo.

The Non-Executive Directors need to have balanced feedback on the challenges staff encounter.  I feel I could give this feedback for North Area  as my teams covers a large geographical area with common links to other directorates and services. I have been participating in a NTW workshop which is about transforming services in the East within AMH around services users and carers. It is time the Trust transformed services and policies for staff so that there are better opportunities for training, defined career pathways with modernised environments and technology for staff to work in  These elements are essential in retaining staff highly valued professionals.



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