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Josie Metcher

I wanted to become a Public Governor so that I could make a difference and to also have a glimpse into the workings of a Foundation Trust. I have a physical disability since a very young child so I have used many of the facilities and services within Acute hospitals for my personal care. I have been an inpatient and outpatient and over the years I have since seen the NHS evolve.

As we all are aware NHS is always troubled by bad press and lack of funds and for me it would be a real hardship if the NHS was to disappear. There is a real need for it and I feel so passionately that everyone should have good quality care at point of need. Everywhere else in the world envies our health system because they have to pay for care. As a nation we care about people and the NHS is just one of the ways we continue to do that.

I knew very little about Southern Health when I joined as a Governor and I was struck at how welcoming and helpful people were. The trust was going through some real roller-coasters and although it was painful, upsetting and distressing at times to hear and read, I was glad to be part of it so that I could ensure that my skills could be put to use to help resolve and change the trust in any way possible. The tumultuous times have seen me grow into my Governor role and has expanded my knowledge of the Trust. I am much more aware and feel that I am much more confident to raise a concern I may have seen on the TV or heard from a Member of the Public with regards to the quality and standard of care within the Trust.

The Trust is in transition, I am so glad to be a Governor being part of that change and I hope I am here as a Governor when the Trust becomes outstanding. 

Josie Metcher, Public Governor, South West Hampshire

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