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Gary Butler

I wanted to become a Governor so that I could be the voice of the people, families and carers who need to use our services and to help them and support them in maintaining their health, wellbeing and dignity.  I believe that working together we can make a change to ensure that the services provided by the Trust and NHS are fair and achievable for all. 

I have spent many years supporting people and families that have a need for support, care and mental health services and therefore I understand the frustrations they feel when a service fails to deliver or fails to have an understanding of their needs.  I have an understanding that high demands on a service can impact commitment and service levels for the professionals who deliver this care, and my aim is to bring this to the attention of the Trust.

I have seen many changes in the services provided by the NHS and I feel strongly in diversity and equality in giving people the right to be listened to and not just heard.

Gary Butler

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