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Adrian Thorne - Lead Governor

I was nominated by Carers Together in February 2016 and am now in my second term. I was nominated by my fellow Governors in July 2020 to be the Lead Governor.

I have a particular interest / experiences in how Carers can be supported by the Trust so that patients and service users can receive the services that they require. 

In addition I am very interested in transformation to make sure we use all resources available in the most effective and efficient way. It is particularly important to listen to patients, service users, carers and staff to get the best outcomes.

As an Appointed Governor I will continue to work with the Trust and Carers Together to further the relationships between the two organisations and the third sector to help improve the services for the benefit of the service users, patients, carers and families.

Adrian Thorne Appointed Governor, Carers Together

To contact Adrian, please email

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