Culturally-adapted Family Intervention (CaFI)

*COVID-19 UPDATE: This study is now paused.*

African and Caribbean people in the UK are more likely than any other ethnic group to be diagnosed with schizophrenia and other psychoses. However, their experience of mental health services is often poor and they have worse outcomes.  

Culturally-adapted Family Intervention (CaFI) is a multisite research trial in England funded by the National Institute of Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme (NIHR-HTA).We are entering Phase 1 of our study which consists of focus groups. This is to culturally refine therapy materials in order to prepare for the next phase - a randomised control trial (RCT) due to commence in April 2020.

Phase 1 consists of 3 groups:1) service users with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychosis 2) families, carers and advocates and 3) healthcare professionals.

We want to talk with people in a group discussion of about 8-10 people to find out about your experiences and what is important to you. This will last about 60 - 90 minutes.

To take part you must meet the following criteria:

Current and former service users (aged 16+) of Sub-Saharan African or Caribbean backgrounds (including ‘Black British’ or of ‘Mixed’ heritage, but who have at least one African or Caribbean parent or grandparent).

Carers and advocates* (including paid support workers, family and friends) who have experience of working with African and/or Caribbean people. 

Health Professionals* from a range of professions and levels of experience/expertise, including: nurses, OccupationalTherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, social workers.

*Can be of any ethnicity. 

The study provides ample opportunities for professionals to get involved as therapists. There will also be opportunities for trainees and students to become co-therapists. It provides a fantastic opportunity for staff to upskill themselves in cultural competency and learning to deliver a new therapy.

If you would like to learn more about the CaFI pilot, please find our full report in the NIHR Journal Library:

If you would like to take part or want more information please contact the study lead:

Study Contact: Ayaat Al-Sudani (Research Assistant) 


Tel: 07341787895

Culturally-adapted Family Intervention African & Caribbean people with psychoses


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