Wife and Mother of former patient donate over £1500 to purchase vital equipment

3 February 2020

The Wife and Mother of a former patient donated over £1500 to Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s charity, brighterway, allowing the Heart Failure Team at Waterlooville Health Centre to purchase vital equipment.

Alan Stephenson had a diagnosis of heart failure and was a patient to the team for several years. Sadly, Alan passed away aged 61. Anne, his wife and Joyce, his mother, wanted to give back to the team after they had looked after Alan and supported them as a family. Anne said “I have known the Heart Failure Team for around 10 years so we decided to raise money for an ECG machine as we wanted to give something back. The care Alan received definitely prolonged his life.” 

Trish Phillips, Heart Failure Nurse Specialist, said: “Alan was a patient of ours for several years and we were very close to him and his family. When Anne informed us that they were going to request people made a donation at his funeral so that we could order a much needed additional ECG machine, we felt enormous gratitude. We were honoured to know they felt so highly of the service. This ECG machine will make a huge difference to patient care. We cannot thank Anne and Joyce enough.”

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Anne continues: “Alan and I were looked after so well by the team.Trish and Lisa (Heart Failure Nurses) have been such a support to me and Alan’s family. This donation is something positive come out of a very sad time for us.  Knowing that we can help the Heart Failure Team and other patients is something we are very proud of.” 

Anne and Joyce attended the annual Christmas Party for the Heart Failure Team where they were able to thank them for their kindness.

“Ten of us were struggling to manage with having only five ECG machines to share between us so this new addition will make a massive difference to the patient care we provide.” Trish continues.

Ian Hynd, Head of brighterway charity, said: “Brighterway are here to help the people cared for by Southern Health lead a brighter life, above and beyond NHS funding. We were delighted to receive the kind donation from the family and it has enabled us to provide the additional machine which will greatly benefit our patients. Without the continued support of people like Anne and Joyce, we wouldn’t be able to continue to grant-make and provide fundraising support.”

If you are thinking of fundraising or awarding a grant to brighterway, visit the website here for more details 

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