Lights, camera, action - compelling videos to raise awareness of mental health issues

For the second year running we have been working with Solent University 2nd year TV production students on a series of films focussing on the subject of reducing stigma in mental health.  We gave them a set of briefs around working in mental health,  patient and staff stories, raising awareness of our services and signposting for those needing support. The films have been created through a collaboration between the university students, our staff and our service users and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for participating and producing these.

The results are not only an excellent example of real-world learning for the students, but highly creative films that we will be using on our communications channels to deliver important messages around mental health awareness.

The following videos have all been produced by Solent University students studying BA Hons in Post-Production for Film and TV in partnership with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

International Nurses – George’s Story

During April 2021 to March 2022 some 23,000 international nurses came to work for the NHS - follow George Gomaz, ward manager at Lymington New Forest Hospital, story of his journey to join Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. George is one of over 82,000 international nurses working in the NHS.

Thank you George. 

Gambling Addiction – Owen’s story of recovery

Hear from Owen Baily a former gambling addict and Mat King consultant psychologist from Southern Health Gambling talk about the issues of gambling addiction and what type of help is available.

Help is out there should you or someone you know be experiencing addiction problems relating to gambling.

Individual Placement and Support Service - Greg's Story 

When you have hit rock bottom and you feel like there is no hope its hard to find a way out. That is where Greg was - until he found support from the Individual Placement and Support team. Find out more about Greg's journey as he inspires others that there is hope and worth through employment.

It's not weak to speak

On average 1 in 8 men will experience depression and 1 in 5 will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives, hear Nick's story and the support he got from ManGang. Thanks Nick and Andy.


Young Carers story

Dylan's story - young carers experience

Speak up - the tale of two carers - find out about Dylan's experience as a 13 year old carer for his brother, and hear from Emily who was a young carer looking after her mother. Thanks Dylan and Emily.

Consent to Share 

Consent to share regulations can often leave staff feeling restricted about what they are able to tell family members, but that doesn’t stop staff from asking questions about their patients which can help build a bigger picture about the person and unlock conversations with them.  This video succinctly demonstrates this. 



It gets better – 3 students talk about their experiences transitioning 

Three students talk openly about their experiences in transitioning - talking about how they started to discover they are trans, how they are feeling about it, where they are in their journey.

Thanks to Newt, Dee and Kirin. 

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