New gambling treatment service coming to Southampton

16 March 2022

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust are launching a new specialist service providing evidence-based treatment to support people with problem gambling.

Professor Sam Chamberlain, Consultant Psychiatrist from Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, and Clinical Director for the new service, said:

“The NHS has seen record demand for specialist gambling addiction support, so it is great news that a new, comprehensive NHS service will be launching in Southampton this Spring.”

“Southampton has high levels of gambling in high street locations. When left untreated, problem gambling leads to profound mental health consequences and can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. This new, NHS-funded service will provide evidence-based treatments for problem gambling and help people to access other mental health services and support too, depending on individual needs. This is one of a handful of NHS gambling treatment services opening nationally."

“Our aim is for this Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust led service to expand over two years to provide coverage across wider Hampshire too."

The team are on the look out for new recruits to join the pioneering new service. ​​​

"We are looking for those with a genuine interest in working in a digitally enabled way and keen to support the development of a new treatment service which supports clinical research." added Professor Chamberlain.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please take a look at the roles below.

For further information please contact

Hear more about this exciting opportunity to develop this new service from Sam Chamberlain, Professor of Psychiatry.



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