National Administrative Professionals day 27 April 2022!!

28 April 2022

We received some amazing nominations from local teams:

"Fareham 2 CCT would like to nominate our non clinical support staff in recognition of their hard work . They are the backbone of our team . They are friendly ,helpful , approachable and we couldn’t function without them . Their kindness and compassion towards our patients and relatives when speaking on the phone demonstrates their professionalism and skill . These 3 lovely ladies have a wonderful sense of humour and are delightful to work with in our team. We really couldn’t function without them."

"Please can I share a great big shout out to our admin team on our OPMH wards at GWMH.  They go above and beyond every day to complete the impossible task of keeping us nurses organised! They have been our rock throughout the pandemic, and the glue that keeps us all together. They have also been known to regularly shape shift into IT gurus, life coaches and shoulders to cry on. They inspire me daily and I want to say the biggest thank you to all of them from us all on Poppy and Rose ward.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!"

"Our outpatient staff across Orthopaedic Choice, Podiatry the Pain service and Physiotherapy are truly wonderful. Each member of staff goes above and beyond on a daily basis and always have the patients best interests at the forefront of their minds. I have recently taken over managing all four of these teams for a period of time and I am already incredibly proud of the work each and every one of them do. All admin within the NHS in my view are the true unsung heroes. I feel Southern Health as a Trust is very lucky to have such wonderful, caring admin working for us."

Please click here to see some of our wonderful colleagues

We also received feedback from Chief Executive for Southern Health, Ron Shields:

"There are over 1500 people in this organisation who are technically identified as ‘admin or clerical’ a description that does not reflect the real value of what every one of you do. You are all, in many different ways, contributing to the care of patients and improving their lives. You are an integral part of your local team and essential to what the trust does. Your roles are ever expanding and versatile. The trust is committed to better recognising the value of what you do and to creating more opportunities for you to develop your careers and our services. Thank you."

Chief People Officer, Paul Draycott also shared his thoughts:

"This National Administrative Professionals Day, I would like to say a massive thank you to all our 1500 admin and clerical colleagues across the Trust.

We often underestimate the skills and contribution that you, our administrative staff, bring to the organisation. What you do, and the support you provide, helps us to continue to run our services effectively and helps to provide the best care and support to the people we care for." 

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