Inwood ward opens at Alton Hospital

27 May 2022

Alton Community Hospital, re-opens it's doors to a brand new 22-bedded ward, called 'Inwood ward'.

The new first-floor, purpose-built ward has been created to increase the provision of rehabilitation and recovery inpatient care in the area. It will also improve the care we give to patients who are coming to the end of their lives.

The modern new ward sees the number of beds available at Alton increase from 18 (on the existing Anstey Ward) to a new total of 40 beds. 

Inwood gym.jpg
The new gym on Inwood ward that will
help patients with their rehabilitation.

Eugene Jones Chief Operating Officer for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust: “The new beds will enable us to provide rehabilitation and recovery to patients transferring from the local acute hospital, within a purpose built, community-based environment. This will enable Hampshire Hospitals to focus resources on those patients in greatest need and requiring urgent and acute care. We will also be able to support our primary care colleagues by offering extra support for those patients in the community that need temporary inpatient rehabilitation.”

The introduction of a second ward at Alton means that the number of side rooms can be increased to eight, allowing a greater level of isolation and/or privacy for patients as required. 

Craig Rees, Head of Operations for Mid and North Hampshire “The ward was created from what was previously office space and so the construction of Inwood Ward has been completed with minimum disruption to the rest of the Hospital and all patient services were able to remain open during the build phase. We ensured our patient and carer groups were involved in the clinical plans for the ward, as well as the layout and design. A number of patients have even been involved in the recruitment of staff to the new ward.”

inwood pink bed ward.jpg
One of the new bedrooms.

Ward manager, Paula Southgate added: “We are so pleased to open this new ward – which will be an important new resource for local people needing either rehabilitation or end of life care. I’m proud of the fact that we have responded to an increased local need with 22 more beds on Inwood Ward and the team is looking forward to providing the very best care possible in our shiny new surroundings!”

Dr Charlotte Hutchings, Clinical Director for North and Mid Hampshire at the Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG, said: “This is brilliant news. Alton Community Hospital is a strategically important site for the local NHS, and hugely valued by people living in and around Alton, so we have been working together to ensure we make the best possible use of the space there.
“It will mean that staff can give better support to those leaving hospital or nearing the end of their lives. This has been a local priority for some time, so it is truly fantastic to see the new ward open.”

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