Could you be a research #TrailBlazer?

20 May 2022

Could you be a research #TrailBlazer?

The national TrialBlazer campaign celebrates the community of research volunteers. There are thousands of people who take part in and support trials and studies all over the UK, and today we are celebrating every one of those people International Clinical Trials Day, Friday 20 May.International Clinical Trial day banner

TrialBlazers are people who choose to give their time and knowledge in research, either as patients, members of the public or staff working in healthcare. By getting involved in research, you can help people live healthier and better lives, now and in the future.

Why get involved in research?

For patients, some volunteer to learn more about a condition that affects them, to support medical research for a particular condition or disease that they care about, or to access new treatments.

For staff, they may have a specific interest in an area of medicine, want to try a new treatment for their patients, or try to better understand a condition they are working with.

In 2021/22, an incredible 28,449 people took part in research trials with Southern Health, supporting developments in how we manage a range of conditions from dementia to COVID-19.

We rely on patients and staff to support our trials, so why not join us?

To find out more and to get involved please click here!

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