Work started on new MRI scanner at Lymington New Forest Hospital

17 August 2021

Mri scanner 3.jpgWorks have begun to install a new £906,000 state of the art MRI Scanner at Lymington New Forest Hospital.

The new Siemens ‘Magnetom’ MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner has high quality functionalities that will benefit patients. These include: 

  • A wider bore which will make it a less claustrophobic experience for patients.
  • The ability to produce high quality images which means patient’s scans are clearer, helping healthcare professionals identify key health issues faster. 
  • Quicker scans, meaning more patients can be seen. 
  • Some patients not having to travel as far to receive vital scans.

Laura Rothery, Divisional Director of Operations, South West Division, said: 
“We are so pleased that works have begun to install our new scanner. The new MRI scanner, and its state of the art facilities, will provide a significantly improved service for patients in the local community and beyond. A lot of work has gone in to making this happen and we would like to say a massive thank you to Rydon (the hospital building’s contractors) and our radiology team for designing the new MRI facility and preparing the site for installation. We would also like to thank all our staff, patients and visitors for their co-operation while works have been taking place.”

MRI scanner 2.jpgEarlier this year Lymington New Forest Hospital had to decommission their old MRI scanner, purchased by the Lymington Hospital Friends in 2011, for £933,785. The scanner needed replacing as it was 10 years old and it was becoming increasingly difficult to source the parts needed to fix it.

Since April 2021, a mobile MRI scanner has been located in the hospital’s carpark and this will continue to be used to scan patients until the end of August 2021. 

Mike Hodges Trustee and Joint Chair of Lymington Hospital Friends said:
“The Lymington Hospital Friends are delighted to see the new MRI scanner complete the fantastic range of imaging equipment in the radiology department. We will continue to follow the story of the new equipment and to learn about the improvements to patient care it will deliver.”

Over the next four to six weeks, the radiology team and specialist contractors will carry out the technical work needed to prepare the new MRI scanner, ready to open for patients in September 2021. 

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