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Estate Services

Our Estate Services teams help to provide a safe and suitable environment for patients, visitors and staff to live, visit and work in.

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We pride ourselves on providing you with the best service.  We want to hear from you on your experiences of our services so please take the time to complete our survey click here.

Ward being cleaned, yellow warning sign in place
Find out more about cleaning, catering, portering and taking care of the patient environment.
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Estate Services NHS Change Day 2015

We are making  changes to accessing information on estates and making it easier for trust staff to obtain, understand and get help.  This is being achieved through a redesign of our intranet pages, use of different media to get important messages out to the right people at the right time.

Ravenswood Fire Devastation

Following a severe fire at Ravenswood in January this year, the Estates and FM team got to work, ridding the ward of the devastation caused and returning it to the safe haven it was before - all in less than four weeks. To Find out more.