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Intensive Support Team

We support the Learning Disabilities Community Team by providing specialist health care services to people with learning disabilities over the age of 18, who live in Southampton and Hampshire.

Who is this service for?

We work with people who have specialist learning disabilities health needs such as:

  • Behaviour that challenges others

  • Support to receive mental health treatment

  • Support to access physical health treatments.

Get access to this service

You can access this service by contacting the Southampton or Hampshire Learning Disability Community team. They can carry out an assessment to find out what your needs are.

Anyone can make a referral to their local Community Learning Disability Team - you can also refer yourself. 

How we can help

We support the Community Learning Disability Team to:

  • Complete specialist assessments quickly

  • Provide direct observational assessments

  • Role model delivery of specially designed care plans

  • Provide additional support when issues are challenging

  • Support teaching skills related to health needs

  • Support evaluating how interventions are going.

To make a referral please email the address below:   

Contact Information:

Contact the Intensive Support Teams.

If you have any queries about the service, or how to make a referral, please get in touch:

Southampton IST:

02380 475360

Hampshire IST:

02380 475360


Referrals Email 


View the team structure chart

Guidelines for working with people with a learning disabilities who show behaviour that challenges service provision