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North Hampshire Community Team

Dame Mary Fagan House (Basingstoke) and Poles Copse (Winchester)

Who is this service for?

Referrals are accepted for adults who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a significant impairment of intellectual functioning (i.e. an IQ under 70)
  • Need significant assistance with day-to-day living skills. 
  • Have a recognised learning disability acquired before the age of 18
  • Who require support with specialist health care needs.

The following professionals are within our team:

  • Psychiatry

  • Psychology

  • Art Therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Community Learning Disability Nursing.

  • Learning Disability Strategic Health Facilitator


We support people with a learning disability to access mainstream (often called primary or secondary) health services. If someone requires specialist interventions specific to their learning disability then they will be given an initial assessment and this may lead to further input from the team relating to the following areas:

  • Behaviour which challenges services
  • Mental health
  • Epilepsy
  • Autism
  • Forensic needs
  • Complex health needs.

How do I access this service? 

Anyone can make a referral to their local Community Learning Disability Team for assessment and intervention.

If you are over the age of 18 and have a learning disability, you can refer yourself. Other people who may refer to our service include relatives or support workers, a doctor or another service such as an advocate or college tutor.

If you want to know more about any of the services we provide, please contact us.


How to contact us?

I would like to:

Print a Referral Form

Print a 'Have your say' questionnaire

Please send the referral or 'Have your say' questionnaire to: 

Basingstoke Learning Disability Team

Dame Mary Fagan House

Chineham Court

Lutyens Close

Basingstoke  RG24 8AG

Tel: 01256 776151

Fax: 01256 776198




Mary-Helen L'Heurex

Locality Team Manager

Mary-Helen L’Heureux

Basingstoke Base

Admin - Chris Evans

Dame Mary Fagan House

Chineham Court
Lutyens Clouse
Basingstoke  RG24 8AG

Tel:  01256 776151
Fax: 01256 776198


Winchester Base

Admin - Stephanie McCarthy 

Poles Copse
Poles Lane
Winchester  SO21 2DZ

Tel:  01962 764560
Fax: 01962 764652


How to find us

LD Transport


Please use the following buses, the nearest bus stops at Chineham Centre. 

  •  7 (Town Centre Via Wade Road to Chineham Centre)

  • 4/4a (Popley/South Ham to Chineham Centre)

  • 14 (Tadley to Chineham Centre)


Bus Prices - £1.75 (single), £3.20 (return before 9am), £2.80 (return afer 9am).

If you have a bus pass, you can travel for free.  If you have a companion pass, a carer can also travel free with you.


For those who cannot access public transport. A door to door bookable mini bus service. You need to register with Dial-a-Ride if you are not already using this service. You can book up to 3 working days in advance. Bus pass holders travel for half price.

A single from the Town Centre to Dame Mary Fagan House is £2.80 (or £1.40 if you have a bus pass)

 To contact Dial-a-ride service call: 01256 462101