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Virtual Ward

Patients on a Virtual Ward receive extra care and attention in the community to help prevent them being admitted to hospital. Care and treatment is provided by a team of nurses and other health professionals. 

Elderly gentleman having his blood pressure taken by nurse

Who is this service for?

We help patients who are at most risk of being admitted to hospital because of an illness, long-term condition or injury. We want to help you stay in your own home and receive your treatment and care from your local Community Care Team.

Get access to this service

Contact your GP or health professional to discuss this service. They can make a referral to the Virtual Ward team if they feel the service would meet your needs.   

How we can help

By providing you with extra support now, we hope that you can avoid having to go to hospital at a later date.

A senior healthcare professional – such as a nurse or physiotherapist will work with you to help you:

  • Manage your condition

  • Understand your medication

  • Recognise early signs and symptoms that your condition might be getting worse

Our nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists will work with you to help improve your wellbeing and your ability to carry out everyday tasks. 

We also have access to specialist nurses who provide expert treatment  

How long you spend on a Virtual Ward will depend on your individual needs. Some patients spend 2-3 weeks, but others will stay for longer. The decision about when to discharge you from the service will be made between you, your Senior Practitioner and your GP.

We will work very closely with your GP and GP practice staff throughout your time on the ward, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your GP informed.