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Speech and Language Therapy

We help adults who are experiencing problems communicating, and/or swallowing.

A speech therapist working with an elderly patient

Who is this service for?  

Communication and swallowing difficulties are often caused by:

  • Neurological disorders, such as stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease

  • Voice difficulties

  • Head or neck cancer

  • Other difficulties which may be related to ageing.

We only provide services in north Hampshire, which covers up to Tadley in the north and Bordon in the south.

There are Speech and Language Therapy services in other parts of Hampshire which are provided by other NHS Trusts. You can find your local service on NHS Choices.

Get access to this service

You should contact your GP or consultant to request a referral to our service. However, we’re happy to accept enquiries from patients or carers, so please feel free to get in touch. 

Our team work with inpatients and outpatients at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, as well as in other local community venues in north Hampshire

We also visit patients in nursing homes and can arrange home visits too if this best meets your needs. 

How we can help        

Our speech and language therapists will work with you, your family and carers to help with activities and strategies aimed at managing your communication or swallowing difficulties.

To ensure you receive the care and support that best meets your needs, we also work closely with other teams and services, such as:

  • Rehabilitation teams

  • Community nursing

  • GPs and Consultants

  • Adult Services

  • Voluntary organisations

I would like to:

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Useful websites

NHS Choices (find services)

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists  

Contact us

If you'd like to find out more about our service, please contact us.

Tel: 01256 313596

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital Aldermaston Road
RG24 9NA