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Patient and Public Involvement

Patient, Carer and Public Involvement and Engagement is about actively involving, patients, service users, carers, family members and interested people and groups in the work that the researchers do and contribute to the ongoing improvements to NHS services, the core purpose of research.  

Dr Shanaya Rathod and Carolyn Asher

Our Research and Development Department’s vision is to make sure that every patient has the opportunity to participate in research. By participation we mean not only taking part in a study, if this interests you, but also the opportunity to share your lived expertise and experience with researchers. 

Who can be involved?

Those with direct experience of services, those who have an interest in Southern Health services and those interested in research are welcome to get involved at the grass roots of research projects through the Patient, Carer and Public Involvement and Engagement in Research Initiative.

How to get involved

We invite people to join together with other service users, patients, carers, family members and those interested from the general public into informal groups (Research Networks) focusing on different areas of research.

  • Help write lay summaries and patient information sheets used in projects
  • Use your expertise and experience to advise on projects and sit on committees
  • Design studies by helping researchers to ask good questions relevant to your care or the care of someone that you know
  • Choose suitable studies to be researched
  • Conduct research by carrying out questionnaires with research participants
  • Share findings by presenting information in suitable formats to appropriate audiences


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Contact the team

If you have any questions or you're interested in joining us, contact Carolyn Asher, Service User Research Assistant and Patient, Carer and Public Involvement and Engagement Co-ordinator on 023 8047 5373 / 023 8071 8540

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