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Other Research

Below is a list of other research studies currently being conducted within Southern Health. For more information about any research study please contact the Research and Development department
  • A Study into Suicide by Prisoners
  • Adapting Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: What works?
  • An investigation of the neural correlates of avoidance learning in OCD
  • Collaborative case management to aid return to work
  • Comparative study of views about acceptable terminology in schizophrenia
  • Designing information and support services in the UK to increase physical activity participation in individuals with Schizophrenia
  • Diverse Healthcare Providers
  • DNA variation in adults with learning disability
  • Domestic violence and women with learning disabilities
  • Effects of repeated attachment security priming on depressed mood: a clinical study
  • Eye movements in hemispatial neglect patients
  • SUDS - Sudden Death of Psychiatric Inpatients
  • An exploration of pressure ulcer prevention in a community setting
  • The influence of diagnosis and functioning on health service utilisation in tertiary speicalist mood disorder service out-patients A cohort study
  • PRoBaND: Parkinson's Repository of Biosamples and Network Datasets
  • Participant Opinions of Psychosis Subgroups (POPS) qualitative study with experts by experience
  • National investigation into suicide in children and young people