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Prevalence of Pathogenic Antibodies in Psychosis (PPiP)

Chief Investigator: Dr Belinda Lennox, University of Oxford


The PPiP study aims to understand if some cases of psychosis are caused by immune system problems in some people. The immune system normally controls our ability to fight infection. If the immune system goes wrong it may cause diseases called ‘autoimmune’ diseases. We can diagnose some of these immune diseases using blood tests. The University of Oxford are working with Southampton’s Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) service to estimate the prevalence of these autoimmune diseases in people with first episode psychosis.

What does the study involve?

Participants will have a blood sample taken for investigation by the university team, and will complete an assessment with one of our researchers lasting about 1 hour. Participants will be paid for their time to complete these.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Male or Female, aged 14-35
  • First episode psychotic illness (assessed using PANSS)
  • Less than 6 weeks of antipsychotic medication

Exclusion Criteria

  • Any other neurological disorders including multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cerebrovascular disease, hydrocephalus, traumatic brain injury, meningo-encephalitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, CNS vasculitis.
  • Primary drug induced psychosis


To refer potential participants or to request further information, please contact the research team:


Tel: 02380 475258