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Alirocumab/Placebo in Insulin Treated Diabetics with High Cholesterol

Cholesterol can cause problems in people with diabetes, therefore tacking cholesterol in people with diabetes is vital for their health and well being. 

Cholesterol levels in the blood are controlled by the liver. On the liver is a receptor that grabs cholesterol and allows it to be broken down by the liver. The number of these receptors is controlled by a protein named PCSK-9 which breaks by the receptors.

The drug being tested in Odyssey catches PCSK-9 and stops it from breaking down receptors. This in turn allows more cholesterol to be broken down by the liver, reducing cholesterol. Odyssey aims to test the effectiveness of this drug in patients with diabetes who are on insulin.

What does it involve?

Before taking part in the study a full medical history and examination must be taken to ensure that it is safe for you to take part. If eligible for the study you will be treated for 24 weeks with one of the following:

1. Alirocumab (study drug) - 1 injection every 2 weeks

2. Placebo (dummy drug) 1 injection every 2 weeks

In total the study has 8 visits. Two of these will be performed over the phone, and the other 6 at the clinic. For clinic visits you will need to fast from 10pm the night before.

Overall the duration of the study for each patient is approximately 9 months.

Inclusion Criteria
  • Patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, diagnosed at least one year prior to the screening visit
  • Patients with Type 1 diabetes must have been diagnosed prior to the age of 30 years old
  • Patients being treated with insulin
  • An LDL-C of ≥70 mg/dL

To refer potential participants or to request further information, please contact the research team:


Tel: 023 7047 5258

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