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Clinical Trials Facility

In May 2014 the Research & Development department moved into a new Clinical Trials Facility based within the Tom Rudd Unit at Moorgreen Hospital. 

CTF opening

Facilities in the newly renovated department include a pharmacy, lab area and clinic room. This new facility allows the R&D team to store and administer drugs for clinical trials, and provides equipment for researchers to analyse and retain biological samples for genetic studies. The clinic room also provides space for study participants to be assessed within the hospital environment. 

These new facilities have allowed the R&D department the ability to take on more complex clinical trials and recruit more participants into research studies, further strengthening Southern Health’s position as a research active trust, committed to finding new and innovative ways to improve health services.

The team continues to work on research aimed at improving patient outcomes in areas including: Mental Health, Dementia, Learning Disabilities, Diabetes, Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease.

The new Clinical Trials Facility was officially opened at an event on 6th May 2014 by the Southern Health chairman Simon Waugh, as reported by the Daily Echo and ITV Meridian.

Clinical Trials Facility opening
R&D Manager Rasha DeMarco giving a tour of the new facility
Opening of Clinical Trials Facility
Chairman Simon Waugh and R&D Manager Rasha DeMarco at the opening event