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Meet Helen Cartwright

Ten years ago Helen Cartwright completed her nursing training as a mature student.  Although she’d always wanted to become a nurse, it wasn’t until her husband was injured in an accident that she felt definite about starting over as a nurse.

“I am proud to be a nurse - qualifying at 41 was a great achievement for me. I am very lucky to love my job. I feel privileged to be going into patients’ homes and seeing them through their journey. The sense of satisfaction knowing that you have helped someone is very special.”

Helen works as an Integrated Community Lead. She is currently undertaking an Independent Prescribing qualification at university and enjoys the challenge of continuing to learn.

“Delivering high quality care is so important to me - not only in the treatment we provide, but also in a preventative role. The reduction in incidents of pressure ulcers for example in this area is a direct result of quality care we are delivering. We are driven as a team and want to do the very best for our patients, instilling a sense of pride in us all.”

“If someone is thinking of entering the nursing profession I would always say do it!  I have never regretted it for one moment. It is the most rewarding job. There are so many opportunities for nurses these days to extend their roles and specialise. There is never a dull moment.”