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Southern Health chosen to provide specialist diabetes care

Southern Health’s West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service has been selected to continue to provide specialist care for people living with diabetes in the community.


Diabetes affects over 21,000 people within West Hampshire, and it is suggested there are potentially a further 9,000 people living with diabetes, but who have not yet been diagnosed. West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service educates and supports adults to manage their diabetes care.

Service Manager and Dietitian, Sarah Woodman said: “We are privileged and delighted to be the continued providers of specialist diabetes care in the community. We have a dedicated and passionate team of diabetes consultants, nurses and dietitians working across West Hampshire.  As the prevalence of diabetes increases, all health care providers and people with diabetes will need to work together. We need to grow and develop innovative, relevant and useful local services which improve health and quality of life.”

The service aims to ensure all people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes have local access to excellent diabetes care; to help them achieve their personal health goals and be active participants in their care. People living with diabetes will have access to a telephone helpline, a variety of group education programmes and patient conferences to help them manage their condition.

If a specialised intervention is needed, people with diabetes will be able to visit the multidisciplinary clinic closest to their home-although most people will have their diabetes care managed by their local GP practice.

Sarah Woodman added: “We work closely with the GPs and practice nurses who lead in diabetes care in all local surgeries to ensure they are up to date with latest diabetes medications and trends to make sure people with diabetes get the best possible care.”