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Council of Governors' meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Council of Governors and will be invited to ask questions or comment on matters pertaining to the agenda at the end of the Council meeting.

View the process for asking questions of the Board of Directors or Council of Governors

To contact the Company Secretary and Head of Corporate Governance please email


When is the next meeting?

The next meeting of the Council of Governors will be held on:

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Time: tbc

Venue: tbc

For further information contact the Corporate Governance Team on 023 8087 4210 or email:

The Trust will take an audio recording of Board meetings held in public and of Council of Governors’ meetings held in public. The recording will be held on file with the meeting documentation and published following the meeting. In accordance with Standing Order 4.1.2 of the Trust’s Constitution and Standing Orders, any other audio recordings of the proceedings of Board meetings held in public or of Council of Governor’s meetings held in public will require the prior agreement of the person chairing the meeting.

Listen to Council of Governors' meeting recordings on our SoundCloud site