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Romsey Abbey photo exhibition

Norma Phoenix created a stunning exhibition of photography to chart her journey through bipolar disorder.

Tackling Stigma through Art

The collection of pictures entitled “Glimpses of heaven and hell” take the viewer through the various stages of her illness from deep despair to the mania where everything seems possible.

Her work, projected as a sequence of images on a large screen,  was just one of the attractions at The Tree of Life Cafe held at Romsey Abbey on Monday 10 October to mark World Mental Health Day.

“In this series of pictures and writings I take you through my personal journey of what it feels like in the different stages from innocence, depression, mania, mixed-state and finally resting in a place of balance and acceptance. I hope at the end you will have a little more understanding of what it's like to have manic-depression.”

Download Glimpses of Heaven and Hell by Norma Phoenix to read more about Norma's experiences with Bipolar.


"Bipolar is an illness with a kaleidoscope quality. It's not a static state it is like taking a rollercoaster never sure when it will end or whether you are going up or down." - Norma Phoenix: Glimpses of Heaven and Hell


"Recovery is an ongoing daily discipline.  Recovery is about responsibility, self acceptance and taking the medicine. It’s not about denial of the truth." - Norma Phoenix: Glimpses of Heaven and Hell