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Challenging attitudes with the arts

People, regardless of whether they have mental health problems, express themselves in different ways, some sing, dance, write, act or make music.

That’s why it’s important to provide people with as many avenues as possible to dispel the Stigma surrounding mental health problems.

Helping people to paint a picture, tell a tale, or sing a song gives people an alternative voice to break down stigma surrounding mental health. 

Everyone can play their part, whether it's through sport, the arts or at work. Contact one of the team to find out how you can get involved. 

Below are some examples of how we stay tuned in and turned up to our goal of tackling stigma.

Time to Change quote

People with mental health problems face prejudice every day.  It’s the small things we all say and do without meaning to that can cause the most harm, like telling someone to ‘snap out of it’ or not keeping in touch. - The Wanted