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Using local and community services

Our community services aim to provide support and treatment in your home or local community.

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Some of our community services include:

Helping you stay independent

All of our community services are about helping improve your health, wellbeing and independence.

We know that a majority of people will feel most comfortable and recover better when they are in their home or local community.

Community teams

We have community teams for both our mental health and physical health services. These teams are made up of a range of health professionals and specialists who can help treat and support you with your condition in both your home and through local clinics and services.

Our community teams can provide you with:

  • Assessment

  • Advice and information

  • Medical care

  • One-to-one support

  • Access to therapeutic services

They can also provide rapid response and short-term support during a time of crisis.

Virtual wards and Hospital at Home 

If your condition means that you may be at greater risk of being admitted to one of our inpatient services, we have teams in place who can help provide more intensive support in the home and community.

Our Virtual Wards help patients who primarily have physical health problems, while our Hospital at Home teams provide support for those with mental health problems.

These teams will work closely with others involved in your care and treatment, such as your GP. You will still have access to a range of specialist services and health professionals in the same way that you would as an inpatient.  You can also phone your team if you think you are starting to become unwell.

These teams also help patients and service users who have recently been discharged from inpatient services. 

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