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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Our Clinical Services Strategy

We published our Clinical Services Strategy last year, following a review which saw much input from patients, carers, family members, clinicians and partner organisations. The Strategy provides us with the foundations for what our mental health and learning disability services will look like in the future.

We now need to create a much more detailed plan to ensure positive changes can be made and we would like your involvement...
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Our Initial Focus: Mental Health in East Hampshire

One key element of our Clinical Services Strategy was to look at how people access our mental health services. This needs to improve and, to do this, colleagues from another NHS Trust, Northumberland Tyne and Wear (which went through a similar transformation programme several years ago and is now recognised as outstanding) - is going to support and work alongside us to develop a better system.  

The initial focus will be on adult and older people’s community and acute mental health services in East Hampshire and Portsmouth.

To this end, we are planning a series of FOUR WORKSHOPS in coming months. We would like these workshops to have involvement from staff working in the services, alongside those with lived experience, either as a patient, close family or friend of a patient, and this is where we hope you may wish to become involved. The workshops will be an opportunity to look at every step of the patient journey - starting with ‘access’. Whilst the initial focus will be East Hampshire and Portsmouth, the approach will be used for similar work in other areas, tailored to each locality and its needs in the future.

The dates and venues for the workshops (which will run from 9.00am to 5.00pm each day) are:

  • Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May 2018. Venue: John Pounds Centre, 23 Queen Street, Portsmouth PO1 3HN    
  • Monday 14th to Friday 18th May 2018. Venue: Havant Rugby Football Club, Fraser Road, Havant PO9 3EJ
  • Monday 4th to Friday 8th June 2018. Venue: Petersfield Rugby Football Club, Penns Place, Petersfield GU31 4EP
  • Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th June 2018. Venue: Gosport Community Association and Thorngate Halls, Bury Road, Gosport, PO12 3PX 



Please note, we are looking for participants who can commit to all five days (for one of the first three workshops) and both days for the last workshop. 

Getting Involved!

We would very much appreciate your attendance at one or more of these workshops. In recognition of this, expenses and travel will be reimbursed (in line with our Trust Policy).

However, we appreciate that this might not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, of equal importance and value is your potential involvement in a special interest focus group we are setting up for those of you who use Facebook, Twitter or email. Focus group participants wouldn’t be required to attend the workshops but, during the four weeks that the workshops run, summaries from each day would be shared with you for your thoughts and feedback, to ensure your voice is still heard.

To register your interest and to find out more about the workshops or the focus group, please email Dean Garrett and Klara Thomas at: or call them on 07971 705455 before the end of March. They’d be happy to chat this through with you in more detail.

We hope you will consider helping us in the latest stage of our clinical services journey, where the ultimate destination is improved healthcare for local people.